Marketition is an annual national marketing competition for graduate students (S2) in Indonesia. It is one of the series of events under Management Society, a student organization of Magister Management of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. Consisting of multiple rounds, Marketition offers an authentic marketing case provided by a case provider. This year is our 8th annual competition with MPM’s serving as the main case provider.

Our partnership with MPM is based on a common goal: to pursue the vision of AFTA, a free trade area to improve the competitiveness of South East Asia’s products and human capital in the international market. In our bid to achieve the goal, Marketition hereby invites graduate students from across South East Asia to compete in this multinational event by solving a real and current business case from MPM.

The 8th Marketition has been conceived to serve as a platform for:
1. Solving a real marketing case;
2. Generating creative marketing ideas;
3. Networking among business graduate students and marketing decision makers; and,
4. Preparing global competitions for both business graduate students and companies.

Find out more about Marketition program at http://www.ideacraft.id/marketition/ or follow http://www.instagram.com/marketition.id